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09:57pm 03/11/2010
So Amanda's car broke down, some where between Stanford, and Danvillle. Probably the fuel pump. We're extremely poor. If it's bigger then that we're screwed. I think both of us are so down, we might make a "pact". We're both worn out from our troubles. She's been on the verge of leaving me for months. I can't blame her. I'm a real bitch. To make it worse I'm sick. Drugs! I need DRUGS! I wish I were stronger willed. Then I would at least push myself for something better, then a mobile home and food stamps. I really need to get away from World of Warcraft, and things that put me in states of obsessive mania. Shit, the things that would require along at this point would probably be to much to ask for. I'd need constant support. I'm that person who gets addicted to internet, mmo's, and whatever else. I'm the kind of person that falls into that category, that they are making the laws about online play time. I feel torchered by this shit. Actually I feel fuckin torchered about everything from the time I wake up til I go to bed. Everyday I feel like I'm silently screaming for something to save me. I miss when things were simple and fun, but nothing has been simple an fun for years an years. It was cool when I was kid, and I could start from point C, and totally skip points A & B and not feel like stabbing myself in the eyeballs. I don't really know whats wrong with me, but I wish there was a way to care a lot less about the simple things. Worry more about the on coming bullshit.
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10:16pm 06/11/2010 (UTC)
I know how it feels being broke. Brian and I had no money when we first moved to Louisville and if we hadn't have gotten food stamps we honest to God probably would have starved.
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10:58pm 06/11/2010 (UTC)
Food Stamps are pretty awesome, but my mom likes to spend them all at once. Then come home pretty much eat til she passes out, and its the reason we kinda suffer really bad at the end of the month.
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