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12:29am 03/11/2010
I wanna relocate to a gay friendly country. Most gay people probably think about it more than a few times a week. The land of the so called free, BAH! I know progress is being made, and we'll probably even see the revolution in our time. Bigotry will still be around though. I mean I would kinda just like to live around nice people for a change. I'm sure assholes exist everywhere, but as far as people in general go there are much nicer countries to live in. Canada is super nice, and peaceful. They have free healthcare, and far more tolerant people. So it's a place I've always dreamed about living. Japan is a overall nice place, and I've read they are super super respectful. Though I'm sorta under the impression they aren't super nice to the gays. Still I've wanted to live there before I ever knew about games, and anime. Chances are I'll be stick in this hell hole forever, but its nice to dream.
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01:20am 04/11/2010 (UTC)
Danny and I have a dream of living someplace nicer than this.
Canada does seem nice but moving out of country seems to be full of troubles. Might be worth it, though.
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01:24am 04/11/2010 (UTC)
I think it would be worth it, maybe a lot of history learning.
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