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Well, I feel like bitching.  
05:36pm 15/11/2010
Today was the our car was going to be fixed. Amanda comes home comes in our bedroom and says "I can tell you, we pretty much don't have a car..." Turns out, the guy fixing it suddenly discovered a cracked head. I don't know what that means, but followed by that she said it cost about 500 or 600 dollars to fix. My first feeling about this, the guy totally fucked it up himself.... I don't know really how it came about, but I have a instinct kinda feeling that he caused it. Then he tried to buy it from her to junk, for a whopping 125 dollars. She feels that bullshit, and we're afraid he is going to fuck it up futher while putting it back together. Tomorrow come finding away to tow it home. Apparently he wanted to buy the car so bad, he tried convincing her it was better for her them him. That if she was going to fix it, she should let him fix it. Plus we had all kinds of info from other people about how he sometimes replaces good parts for old parts. That he's basically a fishy person. The only reason we went to this guy to start with was because he is a friend to Tims family. Mistake in a half. Now we have to come up with about 500 or 600 dollars, plus she still has to pay him for the work he did, even though he is probably the reason everything has gone bad. We have to rely on him to put the car back together, and fuckin pray he doesn't mess anything else up or replace parts/steal anything. This year keeps getting more and more strained,  
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